The Portal

Rock opera

A modern mythological epic
told through cinema and live performance


For questions or information, please contact: [email protected]

“Reshaping the art of performance theater.” ― The Huffington Post


“Lovers of rock, electronic music, and visionary art will have their world opened up wide by this production.” ― AXS Entertainment


“The Portal brings something different to the stage.” ― 5280 Magazine


“The Portal is guaranteed to take you on a mystical trip.” ― 303 Magazine


“There are an array of thematic and rare qualities which make this event the majestic celebration that it is.” ― Grateful Web


Official Breaking News – New York City, 2016!

We are excited to announce that The Portal has formally begun the journey toward a New York, New York Off Broadway run in 2016!

And it’s a wrap, Denver!

The Portal Rock Opera would like to extend an immense THANK YOU to all who have supported our 12 show run in Denver 2015! We brought you something so very new and different, and you met us with great enthusiasm. We’re so glad that we began our journey right here in our home state… there’s no place like home! To answer the many questions we have received on the matter – YES, The Portal will be going onward! How could we stop now? Announcements to come for 2016.

With much gratitude,

Luke Comer, Jared Caruso, Chuck Williams, Grace Starr, Christopher Soren Kelly, Zarah Mahler, Kim Robards,Kristin Bazurto, Rebecca Ritch, Tierro Lee, Daniel Katsük, Gilly Gonzalez, Jon Sousa, Eliza Vlasova, Annie Philo, Martina Hoffman, & all of our Artists!